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This workshop has been crafted to propel you on the Upwork platform, offering actionable strategies and insights that extend beyond the basics.

By implementing and practicing the strategies guided by me during the workshop, you'll depart with a robust foundation and the confidence to excel as a freelancer on the Upwork platform.

The exciting part?

I've mastered every aspect of the 'freelance thing' on Upwork, and now you get to carry this baton across the finish line at full speed.

Alright, perhaps running isn't your thing, but the idea remains! You'll acquire my tried-and-true methods and tools, ensuring your success on the Upwork platform right from the start. 

Here are the details!


By the end of this 4-hour workshop, you will have:

  • Identified a freelancing niche that aligns with your interests and market demand.
  • Crafted a compelling Upwork profile designed to attract ideal clients and lucrative opportunities.
  • Acquired essential knowledge for confidently navigating the Upwork platform.
  • Mastered the strategic process of finding freelance gigs and vetting clients on Upwork.
  • Gained a proven, repeatable framework for crafting high-converting gig proposals, including ready-to-use scripts.
  • Learned the key operational framework for seamless gig execution and efficient workflows as a remote worker.


($99 value)

This workshop also includes 2 follow-up group coaching calls, where you'll be able to:

  • Seek advice and feedback on any roadblocks or challenges you're facing.
  • Engage in a mini-tutorial with Jessica, covering a topic to further enhance your freelance work.

That's even more guidance and actionable steps to ensure that you'll thrive as an Allied Health freelancer on Upwork.

Secure Your Spot Today and Receive 5 Hours of Jessica's Direct Guidance for Success on Upwork for just...


Unlock nearly $400 in savings compared to the usual investment for 1:1 guidance from Jessica! With our 4-hour workshop and a bonus of 2, 30-minute follow-up group coaching calls, you receive a total of 5 hours of expert guidance at an exceptional value!!


If you implement the workshop strategies and don't see a tangible return on your investment within 3 months, I guarantee a full refund. No questions asked!