Hi, I'm Jessica Panetta


If you're here, you're an Allied Health Professional who wants to use Upwork to land ideal freelance gigs with ease.


So come on in! I've got you covered with my proven playbook.


I've been where you are right now.


Trying to figure out how to make my RD credentials work in the (totally unfamiliar) online freelance world. 

Now, I work from home and only pursue the freelance opportunities that fill my bucket.

I work with vetted clients, get to utilize a variety of skills, and determine my own value (aka, set my rate).

Using a repeatable framework of proven strategies, I easily land and execute my freelance gigs.

That's the playbook I'm ready to share with you!

Ready to land nearly 100% of the gigs you apply for on Upwork?

My playbook makes that possible. As of April 2024, I've landed 88% of the gigs I've submitted a proposal for on Upwork. You can have the same results.

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Your knowledge is a valuable asset.

Freelance work enables you to utilize your expertise and credentials in diverse industries beyond the clinical workplace.

According to Upwork’s 2021 Freelance Forward Economist Report, the number of freelancers who earn more than in their traditional jobs continues to grow:

44% of freelancers say they earned more freelancing than with a traditional job in 2021, this is up from 39% in 2020 and 32% in 2019‍.

Accelerate your path to earning income with my guidance, landing lucrative online gigs with my proven strategies.


Elevate Your Freelance Journey & Work 1:1 With Jessica, Whether You're:

  • An Aspiring Freelancer: Ready to leverage your healthcare expertise, certifications, and credentials to kickstart online freelance work.
  • An Established Freelancer: Optimize operations, expand your client base, and achieve sustainable growth in your online freelance career.

I've got you covered with high-converting and time-proven strategies for finding + landing online freelance work!


Check out my candid conversation about doubling my income as a freelancer on Upwork!

You read that right. I doubled my hourly rate from my previous salary as Director of Clinical Nutrition.

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Discover Boundless Opportunities:
Leverage Your Expertise Beyond Clinical Settings Through Freelance Work

Your dedication and investment in your career as an Allied Health Professional have been substantial, and you've rightfully earned your degree and credentials.

Whether you're a:

Counselor/LCSW (mental health and family therapist),

Occupational Therapist,

Physical Therapist,

Registered Dietitian, or

Speech-Language Pathologist,

your expertise is a valuable asset.

Now, it's time to harness that expertise through freelance work. This path allows you to unlock your full potential, boost your earning capacity, and regain control over your work-life balance.

With freelance work, your career revolves around your life, not the other way around.

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What Others Are Saying

"What sets Jessica apart from other business owners is her focus on supporting other dietitians to empower themselves to be successful business owners themselves. She is deeply invested in the success of her clients and colleagues, and she goes above and beyond to provide them with the tools, resources, and guidance they need to achieve their goals. She understands the challenges that dietitians face in building and growing their businesses, and she is passionate about helping them overcome these obstacles and achieve their dreams. Overall, I cannot recommend Jessica highly enough. If you are a dietitian looking to start or grow your own business, or if you are simply looking for someone who is passionate, knowledgeable, and attentive to detail, then Jessica is the person you need in your corner. She is a true asset to the dietitian community, and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her."

-Marie Everett MS, RDN, Founder & CEO of Bixby Dietitians

"As an established acupuncturist and clinic owner, I wanted to branch out into the webspace and start creating content for my patients and beyond. My goal to create a course that has a further reach than just my local patients is finally coming to fruition with the guidance of Prosper Allied Health. 

Going into this I had absolutely no idea what to do. Jessica has a wealth of information that I didn’t even realize I needed. From deciding what course platform to use, to formatting my fee structure, to building out the framework of content for my course, I have been supported and guided!

Having this professional guidance has decreased my overwhelm and made me realize that I CAN reach my goals! If you’re starting out or even if you’re an established entrepreneur like myself, invest in yourself and your business and get the support you need from Prosper Allied Health!"

-Jenna Smaniotto, M.S.Ac., L.Ac., IFC Founder & Clinic Director at Vineland Community Acupuncture

"Jessica has been immensely helpful as I navigate all the steps involved in setting up my nutrition private practice. She has a great deal of knowledge in a wide variety of nutrition practice settings. But, best of all, she is able to share this valuable information in a very friendly and highly organized manner. She is my go to resource for all my private practice questions! Thank you, Jessica!"

-Meghan Goodman MS, RDN, CDCES, CDN, Founder of Well Balanced Eating, LLC

“Jessica was super helpful, she met with me to discuss and review my history, helped me to problem solve what kinds of skills and positions I would be good at, and then provided me with resources to use in furthering my job search and transitioning away from clinical work. If anybody is looking for help in making their transition away from clinical work or is feeling stuck in their current position, I would highly recommend consulting with Jessica.”  

- Jeffrey Burroughs, PT, DPT, CSCS

“Jessica helped to give me great advice and guidance on the next steps in the phase of my career. She was detail-oriented, encouraging, positive, and genuine in her demeanor in giving information to help me in my success as a Registered Dietitian. I would gladly recommend her to other allied health professionals, and I plan on connecting with her in the near future for further guidance! It was a pleasure working with her!” 

– Adrianna Calabro, MS, RD

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